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luni, 15 martie 2010 11:32
Hello people!
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luni, 1 martie 2010 08:49
1 Martie
Parca acum cateva zile treceam cu totii in anul nou,2010,iata ca a trecut si Ziua Indragostitiilor si a venit si 1 martie.Ghiocelul si-a scos capsorul prin pamant(ca zapada ciuciu) si toate straziile principale s-au umplut de tarabe si vanzatori disperati sa isi vanda marfa.Satui de traiul asta al'naibi de bun,oamenii se gandesc cum sa scoata bani si ies la vandut de martisoare,inimioare,flori si alte alea,in functie de sezon.1 leu,2 lei,3 lei...5 lei...20 lei,hey,stop!La 20 lei nu cred ca se mai poate numi martisor.In anii trecuti gaseai martisoare si la 50 de bani,iti era mai mare dragul sa le porti,acum pana si alea s-au scumpit.Nu inteleg de ce trebuie sa cumpari dom'le "martisor",o papusa de portelan,o vaza sau mai stiu eu ce bibelouri de care e plin prin locurile astea,foarte frecventate in perioada 1-8 martie.Inteleg ca nah,sunt cadouri,dar de 1 martie se dau papusi!Frate,doar nu imi pun in piept un paun facut din lemn si cu o pana mareeee in fund!Hai lasa-ma!
A uitat lumea ce inseamna martisorul,ce inseamna sa te bucuri de venirea primaverii,de gingasia cu care iasa,incet,incet,ghiocelul din zapada cum era pe alta data.Acum,saracul ghiocel e mai plictisit decat mine la ora de fizica!Pe vremea lu' mama,o tablita in forma de cosar,ghiocel etc.era taree apreciata;acuma : "sa faci bine sa imi aduci martisor deala cu cristale swarovski!".A uitat omu' sa se bucure de ce are,acum banul e la putere.Cu cat e mai scump,cu atat e mai bun.A uitat omu' pana si sa poarte banalul martisor in piept,cred ca am vazut azi 2 sau 3 persoana cu ceva acolo,cat de mic si jigarit, pe vremuri.Nu se mai apreciaza nimic,asolut nimic,nici macar gestul nu mai conteaza.Asta e Romania zilelor de azi!
PS:Am primit martisoare de la 3 colegi si pentru mine asta conteaza.Chiar daca au facut-o ochii lumii,pentru mine conteaza ca s-au gandit sa ne dea si noua ceva,pentru ca au dat la toate fetele!Am mai primit martisoare de la vecinu' de la 3 si de la my best friend(rusine sa imi fie ca eu nu i-am luat nimic)Frumos din partea lor!

marți, 23 februarie 2010 09:42
Am o obsesie pentru manichiura asa ca iote un tutorial absolut adorabil!

luni, 22 februarie 2010 05:58
Ceva foarte tare
So,you know that i love Twilight.

Leah & Jacob

Arrogant. They were both arrogant, lovesick fools. They knew they were the best and strived to be better.

Bella. Jacob adored her. Leah hated her. Simple as that.

Confusion. They say that love is like a rollercoaster. This one definitely was.

Dangerous. They were wolves. Of course they were dangerous.

Envy. Everyone envied their relationship. Emily envied the closeness. Bella envied the public displays of affection.

Forever. They would be together forever. Nothing and no one could stop them.

Glow: When they were together they just had a glow about them that was absolutely enthralling.

Heartless: They said Leah was heartless. Jacob disagreed.

Impatient: They both were. They couldn’t wait to get home and behind closed doors.

Jealousy: Jacob hated they way that they stared. Leah hated the way they gawked. They both hated the whistles.

Kick Ass: This is how Jacob described Leah.

Laughs: They shared many of these. Leah loved Jacob’s laugh.

Magic: What they shared was like magic that no magician had ever discovered.

Notorious: They were each notorious. Leah for being a bitch (literally and figuratively) and Jacob for once loving two vampires.

Open Minded: They had to be. They had no choice but to be.

Perfect: Leah hated perfection. So did Jacob.

Quileute: It’s the blood than ran through them. It’s what started everything.


Sex: Jacob loved it. Leah loved it. Their neighbors didn’t.

Terrifying: There were risks. And to Leah, the risks were terrifying.

Unbelievable: Who would’ve guessed that Jacob would fall in love with the girl he once called the ‘bitter old harpy’.

Verbal: Their love was verbal. I love you’s were traded hourly.

Wanting: They wanted so much and received so little, but at least they had each other.

Xerox: Their love could not be copied.

Yours: They signed each letter, each note, each text with Forever Yours.

Zealous: enthusiastic, intense, passionate. Their love was zealous


Leah to Stephenie Meyer
F*ck You Very Much – A Letter to the Editor

Breaking Dawn is done, finished, and I’m still here. I, Leah Clearwater, am still the same. Even after joining Jake’s renegade pack Stephanie Meyer still has me being a bitter harpy. How? you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple; Renesmee “Nessie” Carlie Cullen.

Yeah, what a mouthful. What was S. Meyer thinking when she had Bella name the Spawn?

Anyways, the story is over and everyone had their happy ending, except for me.

Jake got over Bella with the Spawn; Quil has Claire; Jared has Kim; Paul has Rachel; Embry and Seth are content; the cubs are fine; Sam has (gag) Emily; Sue, my own mother, has Charlie; even the leeches each have their own partner! Where does that leave me? Where is my happy ending? Where in the world is Leah Clearwater’s Prince Charming?

Oh, I know, babysitting. That’s right, my Prince Charming is babysitting his Spawn of an imprint. Wonderful.

S. Meyer creates me to be a bitter, unhappy, emotional, girlie-wolf and has me suffer through being in the same pack as the guy who broke my heart by falling for my cousin. Not to mention that I’m the only flippin’ girl wolf in, oh I don’t know, the world. Thanks for that Steph! But wait, it gets worse: in New Moon, I phase and consequently kill my dad. Like that’s not going to mess me up. While I’m dealing with my grief, I get to have romantic dreams of Bella Swan. Gross, I know. But because good ol’ Steph made us have one pack mind, I get to be on the receiving end of Jake’s “feelings” for that leech lover. As you can understand, I don’t want to have dreams where Bella Swan and I ride off in the sunset. So, being me, I lash out, thus making me the pack bitch. Literally and figuratively. Fun.

Which brings us to Eclipse. Yeah, still the pack bitch, only now people are saying that I’m worse than Paul. Thanks for the confidence boost Steph. So, here we got to actually fight evil vamps. That was cool, gold star for you Steph. So during the fight everything was fine and dandy, but then Steph had to just fuck my whole life up by putting me in danger. Luckily, Jake stepped in and had a whole side of his body smashed in. Right there, my friends, is when the “feelings” for a certain Jacob Black began. Since Steph wanted me to harbor all this hatred, I forgot how to be sensitive, which defends how I reacted with Jake on the cliff. So, buddy boy left and went to bitch and cry in Canada, leaving me here with no one in the same boat. Isn’t Steph so nice?

Then, the prodigal son returns in Breaking Dawn. While he was away, the feelings died down a bit…okay, not really. After the leech lover and the mind-rapist’s wedding, Jake and I hung out. We were getting to be civil with one another. He was beginning to let go of Bella, and I was beginning to let go of Sam. Then S. Meyer pulled a bitch move: she made Bella pregnant. That’s right, she gave Bella—incompetent Bella—a baby, while she made me barren. Really feeling the love. Jake went all ape shit when Sam said that they were going to take out the Cullens and their new bundle of joy. He made his own pack and Seth, because the little adorkable kid adores Jake, joined. I did too. I couldn’t let either one of them get hurt; I care too much about both of them. Jake appointed me Beta and our relationship grew. Of course, this was all on the sidelines. When Bella continued to disregard Jake’s feelings by being selfish and keeping him there as her “best friend”, I defended him. This, of course, was in the form of bitching and telling Bella off to the point of tears, thank you Steph. Ah, good times. Yet, just as Jake and I were beginning to get serious, Jake imprints on baby Spawn. Yeah, that’s right, a baby. Oh sure, there was the scare with the Volturi taking away the Spawn, but it all worked out in the end.

So, they all live happily ever after. Hell, the “baby” got a happy ending. What do I get? I get the short end of the stick. Again.

Why? Why did she do this to me? She’s the author! Have some sympathy!

That’s it! Leah Clearwater does not sit around and mope. She gets answers. I grab a pen and paper and write.

Dear Stephanie Meyer,

You may not remember me, but I’m the character you thoroughly screwed over. Yeah, it’s Leah Clearwater.

I just have a few things to say and a couple of questions to put out there.

Did someone do something to you when you were creating me? Did they kick you or break your favorite pen or something? If they did, I’m sorry for that but, what the hell! Why take it out on me?

Were you just sick and tired of being fair to the characters? Or did you really just hate me? If you didn’t really like how my character came out, then change it! My god, is white out really that hard to come by?

I’m sick of being the bitter harpy. I’m sick of having to carry all this anger and resentment with me. I want a fresh start.

I’m asking nicely for a happy ending. Hell, I’ll be happy if you have me imprint! Just do something! Or is it something else… Did you do these things to get some satisfaction that you don’t get in your own life? Do you get a little kick out of making me suffer? Do you really enjoy living a life that's so hateful? Taking away all of the things I’ve grown to love: my father, Sam, Jake.

You know what Steph; no one wants your opinion. Leah Clearwater is sick of following your little plot line. I’m done. I am through with this shit and I only have one thing left to say to you:

Fuck you! Fuck you very, very much! I hate what you did to me. These are my final words to you, so please don't stay in touch.


Leah Clearwater

I sign the letter and grab and envelope and stamp before I make my way to find a mailbox. This will be sent. My side of the story needs to be told. She needs to know how she thoroughly fucked up my life.

“Leah! LEAH! Wait up!,” I hear a familiar voice call. I turn around and see none other than my All-Mighty Alpha.

“What do you want Jake?” I ask him. I cannot get distracted. Right now, I’m all business. I’m on a mission and I can’t be pulled aside for chit-chat.

“I wanted to talk to you,” he tells me as he falls in step with me.

“So? Talk. I’m kind of busy right now,” I tell him.

He smiles at me, “What? Mailing a letter? C’mon Leah, it’ll take five minutes tops,” he pleads with puppy dog eyes.

Damn you S. Meyer! You just had to create him as an irresistible guy, didn’t you? I can never resist Jake, let alone his puppy dog eyes. I sigh, “Fine. You have five minutes. Go.”

I fold my arms across my chest and look at him expectantly. He runs a hand through his hair and breaths out in anticipation. “Never thought you’d agree. Okay.”

He starts to pace. “So, you know that Breaking Dawn is over right?”

I nod, not really seeing where this is going. “Your point?” I look down at my watch. “Four minutes.”

“Well, whatever plan S.M. had for us is done. So we can do anything now, go anywhere!” he smiles.

“So what you’re saying is that you want to leave La Push?” I ask him, confused.

He shakes his head. “No, wait, yes. Um. Hold on, Edward explained it to me before… I’m messing it up,” he mumbles.

“What do the vamps have anything to do with it? Where’s the Spawn anyways?” I ask disinterestedly. I really don’t care; I need to send this letter!

“Okay, now that the series is over, we can do anything, see anyone, and feel anything. We can be free! Free of anything, anyone that’s holding us back. Leah,” he looks deep into my eyes.

“Hmm,” I answer. In my defense, if you looked into those warm chocolate brown pools, you’d be blubbering like an idiot too.

“Leah, I’m free of the books now. I’m free of the imprint now. Now I can be with you,” he told me.

He smiles at me, and I beam back at him like I’ve done it my entire life. Which, now, I can.

Dear Stephanie Meyer,

Thank you. Thank you very, very much. Thank you for finally ending the series. Now I can be with Jake.


Leah Clearwater

Yeah, I decide, this is the letter I’ll be sending.

duminică, 21 februarie 2010 06:01
Deci,ce e cu blogul asta nou?
Pai,in ziua de azi toata lumea,cand se plictiseste isi face blog.M-am decis sa scap de plictiseala si sa imi trag si eu blog ca de'...asa-i la moda!E al doilea blog al meu,dar asta e alta mancare de peste.
Si uite asa,cand ma plictisesc o sa incerc sa bat campii cat mai bine!
Deci...keep reading!